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Walter Klassen

Klassen-innovated handheld or three axis brushless gimbal support system.

The SlingShot uses Walter Klassen’s proven carbon fiber vest technology to help you support the Freefly Systems’ MōVIDJI Ronin, and ARRI Maxima M30 gimbals. Or pop in the adapters to supports any handheld camera setup. With the SlingShot system you can take on longer shots without tiring your arms and still achieve full range of motion, or add extension handles for a wide range high and low mode shots, from over 10 ft high down to ground level in one take.

– Takes the weight off the operator’s arms
– Longer shot
– Dampens vertical movement, virtually eliminating bounce
– Individually adjustable tubing and arms allows for a great range of movement and flexibility
– Compatible with all Klassen harnesses. 

If you’re not a Klassen harness owner we offer the option of either a compact lightweight SlingShot vest or our Flex Steadicam vest. The Slingshot vest is recommended unless you plan on using the vest for Steadicam as well.  If you also do Steadicam we recommend a Flex vest (Klassen carbon arm for Steadicam not included in this kit but can be ordered separately).  

Slingshot vest orders can ship within a week, Flex vest orders take more time to custom tailor and ship in approximately four weeks.

Each SlingShot includes a custom carrying bag and tools & spare parts kit. Included also, are two pairs of elastics of different weights with hooks, and an additional matching pair without hooks. Choose between light & medium, or medium & heavy.

Extension handles are included with all SlingShot add-ons except the SlingBack Hand Held Adapter.

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