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Celere HS are unique:


8K lenses




World premiere: Same weight, size and housing, so all accessories stay in the same position

Just 1050g (2.31 lb) +/-10g

High Speed T 1.5

High quality Full Metal Jackets! Durable robust metal housings.

Manual focus

Full Frame without vignetting

minimized breathing

Made in Germany

Internal focusing lens, the overall length of the lens remains the same when rack focusing

Exchangeable front lenses

Vario Mount System


The Hanse Inno Tech Vario Mount System allows a quick exchange of Mounts on the lenses. We offer PL-, EF- and E-Mounts.

All you need is a Torx T6 Torque Wrench.

Even though the Mounts are made very precise, we advice to check the lenses on an Autocollimator after the mount exchange.

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